Identifying gaps in your strategy execution

Research from Gartner® shows that “only 40% of employees report that they are well-informed about their companies’ goals, strategy and tactics”. But is it poor communication, poorly defined goals, or poor tools which are preventing you from delivering your strategy?

Gartner adds that “while culture is important, poor execution is more often caused by an imbalance between three different activity domains – executive, leadership and management – which gives rises to identifiable execution gaps.”

Get your complimentary copy to discover ideas on how you can identify and overcome your execution gaps, such as:

  • Validating your strategic plans, objectives, and execution approaches through three lenses
  • Using culture and behavior as indicators of organizational leadership gaps
  • Prioritizing people and your organizational health, rather than relying on management processes alone
  • Practicing techniques – such as culture hacking and strategic progress reviews

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