The Leader’s Guide to Continuous Improvement eBook

The continuous improvement discipline has existed for over 80 years and takes many guises, covering an array of tools and techniques all designed to improve customer experience (delivering the greatest value). This is your guide to understanding this world and ensuring you’re successful in your pursuit of operational excellence.

What is continuous improvement?

Spanning well known tools, techniques and theories including Lean, Six Sigma, PDCA, Kaizen and beyond, improvement is the language of professionals concerned with increasing efficiency and eliminating wastage in their processes.

It is an organized approach to finding improvement opportunities that can help a business meet its goals for increasing profits, reducing costs and driving innovation.

At the heart of continuous improvement (or business excellence / process excellence / operational excellence) are people.

That is why the improvement world revolves around:

  1. Capturing improvement ideas
  2. Implementing ideas
  3. Measuring ideas
  4. Improving ideas

The foundation of continuous improvement is a cycle of action, measurement and learning, inspiring engagement and an on-going culture where projects thrive and your business succeeds.

Download this eBook today to learn:

  • Six Sigma and Lean’s origins
  • The 4 pillars of process improvement
  • Continuous improvement frameworks, including Just Do It, countermeasures and root cause problem solving
  • Improvement project tools overview, including DMAIC, project management, diagnostics and Lean interventions
  • Six Sigma and Lean compare and contrast table
  • The 8 principles of business process excellence
  • Understanding and proving the true value and ROI of continuous improvement
  • Common challenges, including culture and balancing daily management with the pursuit of operational excellence
  • Solutions to overcome the challenges of continuous improvement in a COVID-19 world

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