Operating model design: core tools for business architecture

Six core tools everyone needs to be familiar with to be able to do good work on operating models. These tools include value chain map, high-level IT blueprint, organizational model, locations footprint, supplier matrix and balanced scorecard. In this video Andrew Campbell, co-author of Operating Model Canvas, provides the essence of these core tools.

The tools will help you understand and analyse the current operating model and think about how it can be improved.

About the author

On strategy, I have specialised more on group-level strategy issues, such as portfolio choices, growth, acquisitions as well as the role of the group-level, group functions and the relationship between group and business units.

On organisation, I have specialised on how to link strategy and structure and how to create the appropriate relationships between boxes in the organisation chart. You may be interested in my course Advanced Organization Design at Ashridge Executive Education – www.ashridge.org.uk/aod

On operating models, I have been trying to understand the links between strategy, organisation and operating models and how to represent an operating model design. I have a book “Operating Model Canvas”​ that describes a tool for converting strategy into operational and organisational choices. I have a website www.operatingmodelcanvas.com that supports the book. I blog at www.ashridgeonoperatingmodels.com and tweet @operatingmodels. I also run a course on Designing Operating Models – www.ashridge.org.uk/dom