How to manage your DMAIC projects more effectively

As a Master Black Belt and LSS Deployment Leader for various organizations, I have had an opportunity to work in the amazing field of continuous improvement. So many joyful moments and exciting improvement initiatives. Yet, there has been a number of frustrating ones as well. One of the most frustrating things about managing improvement efforts is the control of the DMAIC methodology and the project documentation management.

How can you establish a robust discipline for your Black Belts to follow the DMAIC methodology you designed? How can you make sure they complete the necessary documentation at each step, each project has a charter, etc? These are some of the many pains I experienced in my continuous improvement career. As you can see, the need for a single, collaborative system has always been paramount.

In this video, I draw a comparison between traditional (typical) systems and tools many continuous improvement practitioners use and the latest generation continuous improvement solution that takes the heavy lifting out of managing DMAIC projects.

The original article, which this summary and the video refers to, “A better way to manage your DMAIC projects” was published on the i-nexus blog.

About the author

Christian has a significant leadership experience in Strategy Execution having led multiple deployments of operational excellence in organisations such as Bombardier, Transport for London, GMAC, Wolseley and Ecolab in addition to having senior operational roles leading manufacturing facilities.

His background is in industrial engineering, and he has experience with Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizens, 5S, and project management in both transaction services and operational manufacturing environments.

Christian is a certified Master Black Belt, and he started his Lean Six Sigma career as a Black Belt in 1998 for Bombardier Aerospace. He completed his Executive MBA at the University of Nottingham.