Hoshin Kanri: Your guide to unlocking its value

This guide from i-nexus explores the elements of Hoshin Kanri as a strategy deployment methodology, detailing the types of companies using it, addressing two hugely successful businesses, and reveals how Strategy Execution software can be leveraged by your organization to succeed with Hoshin Kanri.

Download your copy to learn why Hoshin Kanri (policy / goal deployment) is at the heart of the world’s most successful organizations when it comes to executing strategy and benefit realization.

Read this 24 page eBook to learn about:

  • Turning strategy into operational reality
  • Gaining a competitive advantage through Strategy Execution excellence
  • The seven steps of Hoshin Kanri
  • How to master the X-Matrix
  • Optimizing your own Strategy Execution with case studies from the likes of Danaher and Ingersoll Rand
  • How to digitalize your Hoshin execution

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