Hoshin Kanri X Matrix Excel Template + How-To Guide

This X-Matrix template and how-to guide is a supplementary Hoshin Kanri resource from i-nexus to assist you in planning and visualizing your company’s strategy using Hoshin methodology.

The X-Matrix is Hoshin Kanri’s powerful visualization aid that is used to manage the detailed strategic planning. It has many similarities with other strategy planning tools such as the Balanced Scorecard, OKRs and OGSM.

However, the X-Matrix has several key differences that make it head and shoulders above the rest in terms of building alignment, accountability focus.


The benefits of using the X-Matrix for goal deployment

The X-Matrix has some powerful features that other strategy planning and deployment tools such as A3s and value stream maps do not:

  • It forces your organization to focus on a small number of goals: choosing what not to do is crucial, meaning that priorities are set and resources will be maximized
  • Using catchball, it creates both organizational alignment around and individual accountability for those choices
  • It shows the clear linkage from vision through to the next quarter’s goals (“improvement priorities”) and, once again, means that any disconnects can be easily identified and goals or projects questioned based on whether they truly support the strategy
  • By asking for the clear measurement of success, it forces people to describe and create SMART goals.

As a result, it forces you to ensure your journey towards your vision is supported by focused activity this quarter, and that all activity this quarter is supportive of your vision.

Any other activity (e.g. those ubiquitous pet projects) must be shelved or killed.

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