Hoshin Kanri Bowling Chart Excel Template + PDF How-To Guide

This template contains a Bowler for every level of your X-Matrix plan. It starts from your company Breakthrough Initiatives and can be cascaded all the way to your functions / regions / sites / departments.

Follow the steps below to plan the cascade of your Breakthrough Initiatives through your organization and populate the weekly / monthly / quarterly performance once in execution mode.
The Bowling Chart, or Bowler/Performance Dashboard as it is also known, will look familiar to those of you who are well-versed with scorecards.

Use it in action to track the performance of your organization against the defined targets and thresholds. This is the first step in tracking the execution of your strategy.

The next step in effectively tracking the performance of your strategy is to actively use the Bowling Chart in conjunction with other tools, such as countermeasure A3s, to perform root cause analysis and course correct where necessary.

This template covers the first step. Throughout this document, you will see tips to aid you in each step outlined.

These are based on our best practice knowledge of Hoshin Kanri deployments in large, multi-dimensional organizations.

The benefits of using a Bowling Chart for your policy deployment

The Bowling Chart is a visually easy way to gauge your level of performance across your full KPI and metric tree. This allows you to:

  • Focus on understanding the areas of your plan which are underperforming
  • Create consistency in the definition of KPIs and metrics
  • Increase the frequency of data collection to inform better decision making
  • Overcome a silo mentality (as with all of Hoshin) as different areas of the business must enter and manage their respective areas in the Bowling Chart


Download today to learn:

  • The eight steps to creating your Bowling Chart
  • Tips on how to optimize your Bowling Chart
  • Advice on common performance tracking challenges, and more.

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