From Excel to i-nexus: Digitalizing Your X-Matrix

It’s time to lose the spreadsheets and regain your True North by digitalizing your x-matrix.

We all know the shortcomings of x-matrix Excel sheets, but how can you break through and achieve a true step-change of your Hoshin planning and execution? Enter the i-nexus x-matrix.

Hoshin is all about learning. Failure embraced, change the norm. But along the way, the enthusiasm for this new way is lost. And the culprit? Admin and reporting.

When adopting the x-matrix, delivering breakthroughs, initiatives, and plans, & balancing resources and capital across the business can be daunting as you move into your second and third year of execution.

That challenge is universal to anyone using a system such as Excel to manage their deployment. But breaking through your Hoshin challenges can be supported with software – namely i-nexus.

Watch this on-demand webinar today to learn the:

  • Simplicity of transferring your Excel x-matrix sheets into i-nexus
  • Ease of cascading objectives and metrics throughout the organization
  • Benefits of connecting your x-matrix, root cause analyses, action plans, and bowling charts in one location.
  • Two approaches to digitalizing your x-matrix – cascaded vs template

Join us today to see for yourself the savings in time, effort, and worry all from using the i-nexus software to build and maintain a coherent and centralized x-matrix for your organization:

Click here to watch on-demand