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Dr. Arnoud van der Maas

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Anton Sirik

Lean Methods Group

Christian Loyer

Dan Morris

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David Richards

David Tang

Dinesh Kakkad

Gary Tharme

Grant Crow

Gregory North

Ian Ure

James Creelman

Thought-leading author, Trainer and Advisor

Jeroen De Flander

Jerry Levasseur

Jon Hughes

Kevin Duggan

Author, Educator, Speaker, Consultant

Kubilay Balci

Leo Monhemius

Marcello Carmignani

Mark Morgan

Mike Butler

Strategy Execution specialist

Michael Howarth

Experienced business improvement consultant

Murad Salman Mirza

Innovative Thought Leader

Niels Van Hove

Joseph Paris

Paul Docherty

Robert Topley

Stuart Hearn


Sandrine Woirnesson

Steven Bonacorsi


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